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Battery Backup Grid Connect (Hybrid) Systems

This innovative system has the following features:
• Allows you to take power out of the grid at night at off peak rates and use it in the morning, creating more savings.
• Cycling your solar input through the batteries, so that the power comes off your electricity bill and is not fed into the grid.
• Delivery of clean 24/7 power regardless of grid power failure.
• Enable full monitoring of the system from your computer.
• The capacity to expand your solar generation later via:-
DC: using more solar panels, hydro or wind
AC: installing an additional grid connect solar system linked to the Battery Backup Grid Connect system
• The capacity to increase the battery size in order to convert into a full Stand Alone power system allowing you to be fully energy independent.
• Provide the option of feeding more or even all of your generation into the grid if a Feed-in Tariff is re-introduced.

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