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SYSTEM TYPE D  Installation: Energy Efficiency Project

Client: Nelson Towers, Nelson Bay


Solar Service Centre was contracted to conduct an Energy Audit on the centre’s buildings which were running up massive power bills. The existing lighting was 15 years old and maintenance and electricity costs were very high. Solar Service Centre conducted a detailed audit of the buildings and produced an Energy Audit report that identified momentous savings for this customer and a great return on investment.

Project Works:

Solar Service Centre were commissioned to act on the Energy Audit recommendations and upgraded of all the centre’s fluorescent tube lighting to energy efficient T5s,  and all down lights were replaced with 10 watt LEDs. This is a feature of the Solar Service Centre commercial program – to tackle the problem from two angles. Firstly, to use energy efficiency measures to reduce the client’s power usage, and then design a solar system around consumption needs to reduce bills ever further.

The Benefits:

The first stage work to replace outdated lighting gave the business a cool 40% energy saving on the fluorescent lighting power consumption, and a massive 80% energy saving on all the down lights power consumption. The premises lighting is necessarily on 24/7, so the energy savings were enormous, at 43,800 kW hrs per year. The carbon savings were 43 tonnes per year and the payback period was 1.6 years. The client was extremely satisfied as they had achieved an excellent lighting and savings outcome, lower maintenance costs, a significant reduction in carbon footprint and a great return on their investment.

Nelson Towers is now considering a solar system installation to reduce electricity bills even further.


Light fittings: Approx 80 x 28 watt/T5 fluorescent tubes installed to replace all T8, 36 watt fluorescents, and 36 x GU10, 10 Watt LED down lights replaced all 50 watt halogen down lights.