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Client: Norris Industries, Caves Beach


This client is a state-of-the-art manufacturing business with high power usage during the day but not on weekends or at night. Business was booming, so as a result of the increased workflow, their power usage needs increased and they were faced with an unacceptable $150,000 bill to upgrade the standing electricity supply. They needed to quickly review their choices as electricity costs were rising rapidly.

What was obvious was that they needed to reduce their peak electricity use during the day and quickly. They were keen to produce a positive environmental outcome and were looking for ways to achieve this. The company director has a passion for sound environmental choices and didn’t need any convincing of the benefits that a solar system would have on their business profile as a marketing tool to promote the business – in addition to increasing power usage efficiency while delivering significant cost savings. They chose to invest in a 22 kW solar system.

Project Works:

Solar Service Centre evaluated the power consumption over a period of weeks with an Energy Audit assessment and recommended that monitoring equipment be installed for the power usage. A solution was provided which meant that Norris Industries could independently monitor their peak power usage during the day and be able to manage their electricity use. The dangers here were that they may trip the main circuit breaker if they used too much power, so the solutions presented by Solar Service Centre were very empowering.

The Benefits:

Solar Service Centre designed the system so there were two ways in which to monitor the power usage. Firstly, an AllSolus monitoring system was installed which enabled immediate monitoring access via the internet to show how much power was being produced at any moment in the day, and how much power was being used at that time. Secondly, an Ampmeter was installed on the meter board, enabling staff without computer access who may be working on the factory floor to gauge the power usage easily. Norris Industries have reduced their peak electricity use, and the solar electricity that they generate is saving them over $12,000 a year.


System capacity: 22 kW
Solar panels: 190watt Suntech Monocrystalline
Inverter: Aurora 10 & 12.5 kW, 3-phase
Monitoring : Allsolus Base Station and Meter Link
Average power generation via Allsolus monitoring:
Daily average: 95.6 kW hrs
Daily maximum: 149.8 kW hrs
Last 365 days: 35,537 kW hrs