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Client: Gloucester Rural Supplies


Gloucester Rural Supplies had a substantial power bill and were seeking a way to reduce their power consumption on a long term basis. They made the most of Solar Service Centre’s introductory free Energy Audit offer. Solar Service Centre was able to crunch their energy use figures from that Audit, illustrating without question that despite the absence of any ‘rebates’, the benefits far exceeded the initial investment outlay. There was no question that the introduction of our recommended Energy Efficient measures and the installation of a Solar system would hold them in good stead for the future and feed the bottom line for their business.

Project Works:

Solar Service Centre was commissioned to first change 55 x existing T8 fluorescent lights to energy efficient T5 equivalents as part of the energy efficiency measure. Then Solar Service Centre installed a 15 kW Grid Connect Solar System coupled with a Aurora Trio 20 kW Inverter.

The Benefits:

Gloucester Rural Supplies will attract a saving of $9,500 per year with a 3.5 year payback period on those savings. There is zero maintenance on the lighting for 10 years, and they can expect savings of over $110,000 over 10 years. Currently the system provides a 60% drop in their energy usage and 28 tonnes of CO2 savings per year. The system can be expanded on in the future to a 20 kW system, at a low cost using the same inverter but with additional panels.


The 15 kW Grid Connect Solar System includes:
Solar panels: 60 x 250watt Suntech Monocrystalline
Clenergy array frames
Inverter: Aurora Trio 20 kW 3-phase
Lighting: Davis 2 x 28 T5 Troffer Fluorescents