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SYSTEM TYPE D Installation: Energy Efficiency Project

Client: Oaks Boathouse, Tea Gardens


Following original Energy Audit recommendations conducted by Solar Service Centre, the Energy Efficiency measures made on the Oaks Boathouse swimming pool, involved a solar pool heater and energy efficient pumps, thereby reducing the Boathouse’s house power energy consumption by 30%. This has meant a saving of 50 tonnes of CO2 per year. Recently the second stage of Solar Service Centre’s recommendations were completed by fitting energy efficient lights and installing a 12.5kW solar PV system reducing their power consumption by a further 20%, saving a further 33 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Project Works:

Solar Service Centre was contracted for the installation of a 12.5 kW solar system and energy efficiency measures which included replacing halogen lights with LED’s, T8 fluorescents with T8 fluorescents, and the installation of a daylight switch in the car park which also reduce significant power usage.

The Benefits:

Both stages of this project resulted in a total of 83 tonnes of green house gas emissions (CO2) saved a year by the Oaks Boathouse. Due to these efforts, foresight and investment, the Boathouse has saved the equivalent of 14 Australian household’s power usage in a year. That adds up to an approximate dollar energy saving of up to $13,000 a year.


The 12.5 kW solar system includes: 64 X 195 Watt Suntech mono-crystalline panels on Clenergy Cliplock mounting system and 15° array frames. The Aurora Trio 20 kW 3-phase inverter works to convert the DC power from the sun into AC power for the building.