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Solar Service Centre is a NEW division of STS Services Pty Ltd.

The Solar Service Centre provides a team of solar experts who are ready to assist you with your solar system needs;

  • Yearly Maintenance Service
  • Analyse your production
  • Repair clean and service your system
  • Upgrade your system
  • Improve the production of your solar system

Regular cleaning and maintenance can increase your energy production by up to 20%.

Is your solar system performing to its maximum? When was your system last checked and is it safe?

Does your solar system have a warranty issue and do you need expert advice?

Would you like a yearly maintenance health check on your system to ensure your warranties are valid and your system is running to its peak performance?

Contact the Solar Service Centre and we will give you an estimated cost based on the size, type and the conditions of your system.

Just fill out the details below for our assistance.


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