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Why choose Stand Alone?

Stand Alone solar systems harness the free energy of the sun to enable a premises to run on electricity generated completely independently of the power Grid. Stand Alone systems are the specialty of Solar Service Centre, who have run their office requirements on such a system for over 20 years.

Stand Alone systems are well suited to any new house and make financial sense – imagine never having to pay another electricity bill again! Even if a Grid connection is a reasonable option, a Stand Alone system provides constant, clean power protected from electricity price increases, and gives you the independence to take the power back into your own hands.

Batteries are now very technologically advanced, low maintenance and reliable – so surplus power can effectively be stored. Generator back-up can be set up to be fully automatic, completely controlled by the inverter and programmed to your specific needs.

Stand Alone solar systems can help you and your property with continuous, reliable power through flood, fire or storm, and are equally viable and suited to meet the needs of remote properties as they are to power needs of properties within the reach of a Grid power supply.

Is a Grid Connect solar system worth the investment now?

Currently in NSW your electricity cost is somewhere between 20c and 50c per kW hr and will rise by a minimum of a further 2% by July 2013. If you balance your power usage with the right sized solar system, it is still very worthwhile to invest in a Grid Connect system.

The first step however is to do whatever is possible to reduce your electricity usage and Solar Service Centre can help you do that with state of the art products and an Energy Audit assessment. The payback period for most Grid Connect systems is likely to be around 3-5 years which is a 20-30% return on your investment.

What is a Battery Backup Grid Connect?

Now the most viable alternative to a standard Grid Connect system, Battery Backup Grid Connect (also knows as Hybrid system) is a technological innovation that is becoming increasingly popular.

With the absence of any reasonable Feed-in tariff benefit in many states, this innovative system design allows you to capture free power from the sun during the day and store it for use later in the day and at night when you need it most.

Solar Service Centre can also program the inverters to take power out of the Grid at night, taking advantage of lower off-peak charges, for power use in the morning, creating even more savings.