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Hybrid Solar Systems

This innovative system has the following features:

  • Allows you to use your power from your solar panels to firstly, run the house, then charge batteries, then finally export to the grid.
  • Your battery power can then be used by the house in the evening and at night, often generating savings as large as 65c/kwhr.
  • Delivery of clean 24/7 power regardless of grid power failure. With a choice of using a Sungrow Hybrid and backing up part of the house or using a Selectronic Inverter and backing up the whole house and giving making a stand alone system possible in the future.
  • Enable full monitoring of the system from an app or your computer.
  • The capacity to expand your solar generation later via:-
    • DC: using more solar panels, hydro or wind
    • AC: installing an additional grid connect solar system linked to the Hybrid system.
  • The capacity to increase the battery size in order to convert into a full Stand Alone power system allowing you to be fully energy independent.
  • If you add a Catch Power hot water diverter it will then heat your hot water before it starts exporting.