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Solar Service Centre has firm, longstanding relationships and proud association with trustworthy and reliable suppliers of high quality, durable, trusted brands so you are assured of many years of trouble-free operation with guaranteed, serviceable products.

Solar Panels

Suntech is the largest manufacturer of photovoltaic panels in the world, and are Solar Service Centre’ preferred supplier of solar panels, having installed Suntech for over 5 years without a single warranty issue. Suntech are industry leaders in Research and Development and have the most reliable warranties. Their research facility is based in Sydney.
Suntech solar panels have an enviable 25 year warranty.

Array Frames

Solar Service Centre use Cenergy array frames exclusively. With engineering certificates and stainless steel and aluminium fabrication, they suit a number of different roof types and assembly requirements – tin, tile, clip lock, 10-15 degree tilt leg, 30 degree tilt leg, flat roof and ground mounted.
All Cenergy array frames come with a 10 year warranty.

Grid Connect Inverters

Solar Service Centre use three brands of Grid Connect inverters: Aurora, SMA and ABS Micro inverters.
Aurora inverters are most popularly used because of their reliability, the best data access and warranties up to 25 years.
SMA is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar inverters.
ABS Micro is a new technology used specifically for projects needing small arrays (strings of solar panels) on a number of different aspects of the roof. These inverters are used when the aspect of the roof may not be ideal.
All come with a reliable 25 year warranty.

Stand Alone Inverters

Solar Service Centre use three brands of Stand Alone inverters: Selectronic, Outback and Apollo.
Selectronic inverters are the most popular, used because of their great reliability, the flexibility of their programming and detailed monitoring and data access that can be made available on your computer in your lounge room. They have high charge currents of up to 145 amps, which means you only have to run your generator for half as long, compared to other inverters.
Outback and Apollo are mainly used for systems under 2 kW.
The standard Selectronic inverter warranty is 6 years, however Solar Service Centre are accredited integrators for Selectronic, so your warranties increase by two years with a Solar Service Centre installation.


Solar Service Centre use MPPT regulators exclusively. These maximum power point tracking regulators have high input voltages, typically between 150/200 volts DC, making the installation more flexible, the panels can be mounted some distance away from the batteries. The great advantage with the MPPT Regulators is that they are 15% more efficient than conventional regulators.
Warranty on the regulators is 5 years.


Solar Service Centre only use the best batteries brands available for Stand Alone and Battery Backup Systems: Raylite, Sonnenschein and Hoppecke. Only extra low maintenance batteries are sourced, with life spans of 15 to 20 years.
All battery warranties are 5 years.