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Solar Lights

This New generation of solar light will transform the way we approach public and commercial infrastructure.

These lights are of exceptional quality and are made from marine grade stainless steel and aluminium. Changing forever the way we light our streets, public spaces, waterfronts and industrial and commercial areas.

Gone are the days of trenching and cabling to install area lighting, saving tens of thousands of dollars on project costs. Now it will be as simple as putting a pole and light up and changing a battery every 5-10 years.

Most models come with a motion sensor which will reduce the light output by 70% if there are no cars or people around, this also adds a security aspect to the product, as anyone or anything moving around in the area will cause the lights to come on brighter. Some models come with CCTV cameras with a Wi Fi link that links (or can be streamed) to a phone app.


  • Parks and gardens, open public space
  • Car parks, bus stops
  • Sporting fields
  • National Parks and Eco Tourism
  • Waterfront areas, jetties, oyster farmers, ports
  • Council tips, works compounds, events
  • Industrial and commercial precincts
  • Caravan Parks and retirement villages
  • Agriculture and farming enterprises
  • Rural properties, sheds, property entrances and stockyards