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Solar Service Centre has recognised that problem solving for pumping has become an important demand as now farmers, nurseries and households are beginning to take notice of where their energy usage is being wasted. Pumping is an old fashion art. Solar Service Centre has the know how as we have been using solar pumping systems for over 20 years; from living on Stand Alone power where we have always had to be energy conscious.

In order for us to be able to give you the best assessment and advice, you need to know exactly what to do with the pump you need. If you are to pump 365 days a year for stock or irrigation, or even running a pool pump, then using energy efficient DC pumps powered directly by the sun is your best solution. The more sun there is, the more water you move which is the time of the year you need to move it the most, in summer, and then lower or no power bills at the time you may need your energy the most. Whether it is pumping from a bore, a dam or a river or for hydroponic farming we can supply a quality Lorentz pumping system to do the job excellently and incorporate it into your needs.

In order for us to give you an cost estimate and assessment of the pump you will need, your situation will need a customised assessment.

Call us with this information or we can help you source the information:

  • What is the quantity of water you want to move? (In litres per day)
  • How high do you want to lift the water (the Head in meters)
  • What is the lift between the source of the water and the pump ( or pump controller)
  • What is the water source (bore, surface, river etc)