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Stand Alone Systems

Stand Alone systems are the specialty of Solar Service Centre, who have been installing them for over 25 years. The Solar Service Centre has developed three tiers of Stand Alone products to make your choice easier. Choose from our tailored Gold, Bronze and Platinum installation packages.

Here are some examples of how a Stand Alone power system provides power to run a house or business completely independent of the electricity Grid:

  • A modest house system produces 6 – 10 kW hrs per day and has a solar array around 2-3 kWs and battery storage around 40 kwhrs.
  • A medium house system produces 12 – 16 kW hrs per day and has a solar array of 4-5 kW and battery storage of 70 kwhrs.
  • A large house or small business system produces 18 – 20 kW hrs per day and has a solar array of 6 kW and battery storage of 85 kwhrs.
  • Larger Business or Eco Tourism system produces 100 – 500 kW hrs per day with solar arrays of around 25-200 kW and battery storage of 2000 kwhrs plus.

We are now using Li-Iron batteries for large Stand Alone systems and have installed systems large enough to charge and run electric cars.