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Who Solar Service Centre Are

Solar Service Centre is a NSW based, Australian owned and operated, award-winning accredited business, committed to sustainable living.

With 20 years of professional hands-on experience in integrated design, renewable energy efficiency consultation and quality solar installations, Solar Service Centre are the solar power experts.

Solar Service Centre founder/Director Garry Williams and Elizabeth Christo, lead a fully accredited, experienced team, working in the design and installation of renewable energy systems for small, medium and large scale operations.

What Solar Service Centre Do

Solar Service Centre lead the way in providing sustainable energy solutions, offering an affordable, premium, integrated design and installation service using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

The Solar Service Centre proudly troubleshoots reductions in energy use and green house gas emissions using energy efficiency techniques.

Specialising in all kinds of renewable energy and solar installations to particularly service Commercial, Business, Government and Rural, as well as Residential requirements, they lead innovation in developing systems such as Battery Backup Grid Connect solar systems.

Large scale or small, every job includes a customised appraisal to ensure your energy needs are adequately met for all types of solar systems and services including:

Commercial Systems
Stand Alone Systems
Grid Connect Systems
Battery Backup (Hybrid) Grid Connect Systems
Energy Efficiency Audits
Service & Maintenance

Solar Service Centre aim to bridge the gap between building infrastructure, technology, energy systems and natural resources.